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About Ms Meka Nism

Tarot Reader


Ms. Meka is a vivacious and compassionate energy worker and spiritual coach who uses tarot and oracle cards to uncover deeper answers to the riddles of life. She has studied sound healing, dance trace work, Reiki, and Shamanism in the Peruvian, Siberian, Japanese, Brazilian, and Celtic traditions. Her mission is to remember and remind fellow beings of their greatest potential, natural healing abilities, and superpowers of manifestation and the courage to create happiness and love.


The sessions are a beautiful flow of tarot and oracle card readings infused with Shamanic influenced techniques which include calling the spirit guides from all the directions, clearing blockages, and heart opening meditation work, which allows energy healing to occur naturally during the reading. You will be able to look directly into the spiritual aspects of difficult or intimidating situations while being supported and encouraged by understanding your greatest qualities. This is the best way to become aware of the challenges that you are facing in life and empower you with the ability to make choices and changes with that knowledge. Every reading is a path to putting the power of your own life's manifestations in your hands!

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About CJ Jackson

Tea Minister, Animal Oracle Reader, Reiki Master

CJ has been studying and performing international beverage ceremonies for over 15 years.  He is a Certified Nutritionist & Master Herbalist.  CJ is also a Certified Tea Master and is acting Tea Minister at Guang Ming Buddhist Temple in Orlando, FL. 

He also does a Druidic Tea Leaf Reading for those looking for guidance in current affairs.


He and his husband own Good 4 You Guys Media. Follow his Health & Wellness blog.

CJ's goal is to keep these beautiful beverage art forms alive.  He teaches the art of Matcha Green Tea Ceremony, Oolong Tea Ceremony, Brazilian Yerba Mate Ritual and the Aztec Cacao (Chocolate) Ceremony.  All of which can be performed during your Tea & Tarot sessions.

About Cy Sugita

Crystal Healer

Cy is a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer and Intuitive.  He has been working with crystal healing and readings for over 10 years.  

He also owns Kalaika Designs, where he creates beautiful ritual and meditation jewelry pieces and malas to enhance your energy and self healing practices.  

About Joanie Diprizio

Tarot Reader


Originally from New Orleans, LA, Joanie has been an intuitive reader & entertainer for over 30 years.  Her connection to the divine Goddess runs deep.  


About Cross Alchemy



Cross Alchemy is an exciting addition to our Tea & Tarot family with over 10 years creating and reading charts for individuals from around the world.  He can help guide you through your shamanic star charts to find the answers you're looking for.  

Look forward to his fashion line coming soon.  

About Nataraja Shristi

Akashic Records & Tarot Reader


Natasha aka Nataraja became a certified Akashic Records Guide in 2021 through Akashic Records International. She is trained as a mentor by Heather Noel, creator of The Giving Game and is a transformational life coach. She is also an herbalist and trained as a Cannabis Therapy Consultant through the California Healing Institute. She has studied Shamanism, Reiki, herbalism and Crystal Bed Healing. A Creattrix of Our New Earth, she lives in her Gift and shares in Abundant Healing for ALL.

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