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Eye of the Tiger's Eye!

Aloha everyone!

This week's blog is about crystals!

I love crystals and since we are in the time period of Leo, I feel we could chat about one of my favorite, tiger's eye. This stone instills courage, strength of will, and helps us gain a deeper understanding of oneself.

During crystal readings, like tarot, the energies may come in negative form. This happens so corrections could be made to put us back on course.

Some of you may know we are in the Lion' s gate, 08.08 being the most powerful activation day.

Using tiger's eye can help you manifest your needs, super charge your business contracts, explore your creativity, and/or start a new chapter in your life. Make sure to hustle during this time, you only have this corridor until 08.12.

For more information about tiger's eye or any other crystals or perhaps a healing crystal healing please visit us @



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