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Celebrating Samhuin/Halloween

What a magical time of year. Around most of the country, the autumn leaves have changed color, pumpkin patches are open and everyone is getting ready for the exciting night of Halloween. But, Halloween started out as Samhuin or Samhain in the ancient Pagan cultures of Europe. Then became All Hallow's Eve and now Halloween. However, the traditions of the ancient Pagan festival live on in today's society. It is the time of year when the vale is thinnest between our world and the world of the dead. It is a time of celebrating ancestors.

In this blog, we are going to touch on some activities you can do to bring back the spiritual side of Halloween and honoring our ancestors.

Ancestral Altar: Set up a small table in your home with photos of loved ones who have passed on. Add items that those individuals would like, fruit, nuts, jewelry, etc. Place white candles around for each person who has passed on. Burn incense of Frankincense & Myrrh.

Ghost Meal: When having dinner, set up a plate for your past loved ones. Make it a statement of honoring their memory. Leave it out over night and discard in the morning. This idea is to give your loved ones sustenance, as they are passing through when the vale is thin.

Ancestral Oil Blend: Create an essential oil blend that lifts the vibrations around you to connect with your ancestors. Ancestral Essence Blend: 16 drops Lime Essential Oil, 16 drops Frankincense Essential Oil, 4 drops each of Patchouli, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Clove, Orange and Sandalwood Essential Oils in 10ml roller bottle of Avocado Oil.

Ancestral Tea Blend: Create a tea blend of Cinnamon, Black Tea, Orange Peel, Clove, Rose Hips, Black Peppercorns, & Star Anise. Boil your water and steep your tea. Sit before your ancestral altar and sip your tea, while remembering fond memories of your loved ones.

Enjoy your All Hallow's Eve and honor those that have passed on. Brightest of Blessings!

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