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Herbal Smoke Blends

Smoke and incense have been around for a very long time, dating back as early as Mesopotamia times. People from Akkad, Larsa, and Babylonia commonly inhaled vaporized herbs indirectly by means of hot rocks, charcoal or a vessel. Various types of plants were used as ritual and/or religious ceremonies. Example, cannabis seeds were added to a vessel that was heated by being placed on hot rocks for a funeral for one of their kings.

Experts theorized smoking was developed in the Americas by means of ritual incense burning for ceremonial purposes, which lead to pleasure and social activities.

Are herbs/herbal blends safe to smoke? All smoke that comes from cigarettes, whether it comes from conventional tobacco, natural herbs, or even organic plants all produce byproduct chemicals. Tar, carbon monoxide, and heavy metals are just some of the particulates found in conventional tobaccos and other smoking products. Despite these negative side effects, smoking organic natural herbs are a much better choice and can actually have health benefits. Just make sure you are choosing high quality, organic herbs for your smoking consumption.

My Top 5 Herbs and why.

One of my favorite herbs is rose petals. If you are trying to quit nicotine for good or working towards obtaining inner peace, rose petals are a great herb to smoke. It helps to lift negative emotions, connect to your inner divinity and resonate with unconditional love. Whether smoking or sipping rose petals as a tea, this delicate dried flower popularized by Venus can decrease depression and act as an aphrodisiac. Vibrationally, it can be used for divination, psychic awareness/development, deep connection to our heart chakra therefore unconditional love.

Lavender is one of the most well known plants on this planet. Being everywhere from gardens to laundry detergents, soaps to smokes, lavender is here to stay. Having a wide variety of beneficial properties., smoking lavender in a blend aids in calming the mind and guiding it from a state of agitation to a balanced state of being. Vibrationally, lavender aids in divination, lucid dreaming, spiritual cleansing, peace, and more!

Blue peony, also known as butterfly tea, may not be as popular as lavender but it definitely has a spot on my shelf. Drinking the flower helps support eyesight and promotes a calming effect. Vibrationally, it aids in divination, foresite; you know, sight beyond sight.

Mugwort, like lavender, has a myriad of properties. It can be used as an insect repellent, helps with infertility and nerve problems. Vibrationally helps to induce vivid dreams, protection, and divination. Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid mugwort, because it acts as a stimulant a women's menstrual cycle and in the past it has been used to induce miscarriages.

Another herb, to help quit modern day tobacco cigarette smoking, is mullein. Smoking mullein actually helps breakup respiratory congestion. Vibrationally, mullein supports the proactive dreamer, aiding in taking control of your soul purpose.

As a person working on letting junk go, smoking high quality organic herbs helps me do just that. I have currently been developing some amazing herbal smoke blends that could help you as well. There will be so many blends to try pro-calm blend, pro-happy, for divination, protection, lucid dreaming and so much!

If you have a desire to create your own, basic rule of thumb, 3-2-1. The base is 3 parts, modifier will be 2 parts, and flavor is 1 part. Example blend: base = mullein/mugwort, modifier = rose petals, flavor = lavender. Let me know what you think and i welcome you to share some of your special blends.

Mahalo for stopping by,

Cy Sugita

When conjuring up special smoke blends whether it may be to induce a physical and/or spiritual response keep in mind the 3-2-1 guideline 3 parts base, 2 parts modifier, 1 part flavor. support

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